Tells Kitchen - online poker training and strategy site - review

Tells Kitchen review

Tells Kitchen covers a niche part of the poker training market - that of learning the psychology of tells in your opponents when playing live poker.

Picking up clues from the body language and play of your poker opponents provides you with an invaluable edge. Most poker players won't have this training and won't be attuned to the subtle clues we all give out unconsciously. These might occur when we are nervous, excited or frustrated. If you can pick up on these 'tells' (such as facial expressions) then you're able to exploit these weaknesses in other poker players time and time again, to your advantage and financial gain.

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Tells Kitchen has a wealth of information contained in its poker training and strategy videos. There are 17 whole hours of instructional videos, along with a private poker forum where you can discuss the videos and your own experiences of tells with other poker players. One method of instruction used is commentating on videos of professional poker players, pointing out what things like expressions and movements mean. it can be surprising learning that even the world's best poker players have 'tells'!

Tells Kitchen offers great value for any poker play who is committed to improving their live game skills. It will give you a huge advantage over the bast majority of your poker opponents who won't have this kind of insight into their game.

Tells Kitchen costs

Cost: $97 signup fee then $29 each month. If you're a regular live player (especially if you play at the medium-high stakes) then this is an absolute steal and is really great value.

Free trial? No, however they do offer a great 60-day moneyback guarantee, which means they have great confidence in how good their product is.

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