Grinder School poker training site review

For many online poker players, the high stakes games we see on TV are far from reality. So we concentrate on the low/micro stakes games, honing our poker skills and mastering the game, progressing steadily over time.

There are plenty of online poker training and strategy sites available but you'll find with many of them there's not much emphasis on the micro/low stakes games, which have their own nuances. Well the good news is there is a superb low limit training site which is called Grinder School and it offers the best micro/low limit training you'll find anywhere, at a ludicrously good price.

I speak from experience as I've used GS myself and the videos on there are THE best of their kind and there is just a huge wealth of information there. Not only that but their online poker community/forum is huge, really supportive and this along with the videos makes it one of the most beneficial, cost-effective things you can do to improve your micro stakes poker game.

So what's on offer exactly? Well there's over 1000 poker training videos created by poker professionals and poker coaches who really know the micro/low limit game and how to crush them. They're all professionally made, informative and explained way. There are videos covering cash, SNG and MTT play and all poker variants/formats are covered here. You also get access to their discussion forum which is really active and a great place to post hand histories, discuss strategy, share successes and bad beats and soon.

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Grinder School cost

The price is an absolute steal - the 'micro stakes' subscription is just $10 a month, with access to over 275 micro stakes videos, or you can choose the 'full site subscription' for $19.99 a month (discounts if you purchase more than one month up front).
If you're wondering how they define 'micro stakes', by the way, it's cash games with blinds of $0.05/$0.10 or less, and SNG/MTTs of less than $2.
Frankly it's the best value poker training site out there and will pay for itself in no time due to the excellent material in the videos.

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Sample Grinders School poker training video