Cardrunners - review of the online poker strategy and training site


Cardrunners overview

CardRunners is the leading poker strategy and training site. Being well established, it is a huge resource for any online poker player committed to mastering their game.

The amount of videos on CardRunners is huge, making it great value whatever stakes and game of poker you play. At the time of writing there are 2420 videos available, which means that even if each one was 30 minutes long, it would take you over 50 days to watch them! In addition there are also podcasts, articles and huge amount of blogs. This means as well as the videos you've got a whole ton of material to read, and of course the forum to discuss poker strategy.

The great thing about Cardrunners is, it's suitable for players of any format of poker game and any stakes, from micros to the nosebleeds. Which is excellent as you can always be sure of top quality training material as your game progresses.


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Cardunners prices

There's three price options to choose from at Cardrunners. With all of them you get the same excellent benefits

1) Monthly option - this has a signup fee of $100 with a monthly cost of $30, and comes with a seven day free trial.

2) 6 months option - this is pre-paid for six months including a $100 signup fee, so costs $240. This represents a saving of 15%.

3) One year option - this is the best value deal and costs $360 for the year with no signup fee.

All of the options represent excellent value for money given the large amount of training material there is on the site, plus how much you can learn from other players by interacting with them on the forums.

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Sample CardRunners video -

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