Bluefire Poker strategy and training site review

Bluefire Poker overview

Bluefire Poker is an online poker strategy/training site. They provide world-class training materials to enable you to improve your poker game, through vidos, blogs and forums.

The main pro on this site is 'OMGClayAitken' aka Phil Galfond, who as you may know is somewhat of a legend in the high-stakes poker cash games online. There are a whole load of other top-class poker pros on the site covering SNGs, MTTs and cash games.

The site is well designed and the video library has a great search facility (including being able to choose poker strategy videos that are live recordings or via replayer, for example).

In my opinion Bluefire is probably more geared towards the medium-higher limit players. This is reflected in the subscription fees. Whilst higher than other sites, the training videos are of excellent quality, with superb instructors, plus if you're playing online poker at high stakes then the fee will be more proportionate. Additionally there is a much higher volume of videos at the medium-higher stakes.

Finally, there is a great active forum where you can discuss poker strategy and hands, etc.

Visit Bluefire Poker and find out more about their training and poker strategy now

Download and watch when you want: Bluefire Poker's online strategy videos don't have DRM (Digital Rights Management) in them. What that means is you are free to download them, watch offline, or on other devices.

Notable pros: Aside from Phil Galfond you'll also find some other big names here including Jason Senti, Dusty Schmidt, Jake Meyer, Don Nguyen and many others.

Bluefire Poker costs

Best of all there is a seven day free trial (that has got to be +EV!). You can also see a two-minute preview of most videos which is a great way of finding out if you think it's going to suit you.

Cost $99 one-off fee then $29.99 per month - definitely worth it if you're serious about crushing your game.

Free trial: Yes, seven days.

Visit Bluefire Poker and find out more about their training and poker strategy now

Sample Bluefire training poker with Phil Galfond: