How to play suited connectors

Knowing how to play suited connectors in no limit holdem is an essential for any winning poker player to have. Suited connectors are hands that are of the same suit and are connected for straight draws, such as the 7 and 8 of hearts. While the hand strength of suited connectors are often overlooked by amateur players while veteran sharks will use these drawing hands to bust aces and kings to take down a huge pot in a cash game or knock an opponent of a tournament.

One of the biggest reasons to play suited connectors is for the excellent draws or made hands you can hit on the flop. Being able to flop both flush draws and straight draws with the same hand gives suited connectors tons of value while at the same time making it difficult to play against you. If you are able to cheaply see a flop with a suited connector you can risk a small amount of your stack for the chance to win a large pot. By expanding your starting range of hands the other players at the table will have a hard time getting a read on how strong your starting hand is. Many weak players only will play premium hands in predictable ways and will often raise huge amounts pre flop and play very aggressive post flop. These betting tells will reveal the strength of your hand to every player at the table making it easy to play against you. If you can make your play with premium hands look the same as when you are dealt suited connectors you will become very hard to read the strength of your hands.

The importance of position

One of the most important factors to consider when you are playing suited connectors is position. When you are in the button and cutoff you can play a wide variety of suited connectors and drawing hands because you will have a positional advantage on your opponents. Playing suited connectors in position will allow you to survey and bets that the other players in the hand make to be sure that you are getting the correct odds to continue in the hand. One of the biggest mistakes that fish make is chasing draws when they do not have the proper odds! Be sure that you don’t get caught playing drawing hands like suited connectors out of position! It is very difficult and you will often be forced to fold before you can get to the river. Playing tight when you are out of position is always a good idea and just because you are dealt a suited connectors does not mean that you always have to raise.

Consider stack sizes

Another factor that you must consider when playing suited connectors is your stack size as well as the stack sizes of the other players at the table. Drawing hands can only be played profitably when the stacks are deep because the pots that can be won are much larger. In short stack games suited connectors lose their value due to you only being able to win much smaller pots. Short stacks deny you the necessary odds that you need to profitably play a drawing hand like suited connectors. Remember, if stack sizes are too short folding pre flop can be the best option! One sure fire way to lose money is by playing suited connectors in games against players with short stacks.

Playing suited connectors in the correct situations is a great way to improve your win rate and become a better poker player. By understanding draws, considering position and looking at stack sizes you will be able to profitably play suited connectors and dominate any limit from the micro stakes to the nosebleeds at the casino.