Review of Universal Replayer

Universal Replayer is essential software for any online poker player who wants to improve their game. It is a free poker tool which enables you to 'replay' the games you've played in a graphical format. This makes it much easier to review your game rather than trawling through the text files that your poker client produces.

Why you need Universal Replayer

If you want to improve your poker game, you need to be able to evaluate the hands you've played, in order that you can spot 'leaks'. Universal Replayer allows you (and your poker coach) to do this, by taking hand history files and converting them into a tool which is kind of like watching a dvd or video of the game. This means you can take the time to critique your game and your poker coach can explain areas of improvement.


You will need to ensure that whatever poker client you're using is set to save hand histories to your hard drive. This varies poker room to poker room but will usally be found somewhere in the settings/options area and is often something that isn't selected as a default.


Before downloading Universal Replayer, you need to make sure you have the latest version of Java installed. Then, download Universal Replayer. Click 'open with' (rather than save) and make sure Java Web Start Launcher is chosen (it should default to this) if prompted to.

Download Universal Replayer free

Universal Replayer screenshots


Follow the instructions on how to import hand histories on the Universal Replayer site.

What's great about Universal Replayer

  • It's free (do try and donate them a few dollars though!)
  • Invaluable tool for self-review of your poker game. If you're a SNG player it's great to use in conjunction with Sit n go Wiz (SNG Wiz).
  • Quick visual guide (the grey/green/red bars at the bottom of it) as to which poker hands you won/lost money/chips from
  • Different skins available for various poker rooms (Betfair, Full Tilt, Party Poker, PokerStars, TiltBuster, Winamax
  • Abilitiy to customize the 'rounds' bar (meaning you can choose how many BBs you won/lost affects the green/red visualization at the bottom of the screen)

Universal Replayer screenshots


Download Universal Replayer free