Review of Tournament Indicator


Why use Tournament Indicator?

Tournament Indicator is in the same family of software as Holdem Manager and Poker Office. It is specifically designed to meet the needs of STT/SNG and MTT online poker players.

The software can be run as a 'bolt on' to the table you're on, or as a HUD (headsup display). It is fully customisable and you have the options to have it running alongside the table horizontally, vertically or in 'mini view'.

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Using Tournament Indicator makes playing your 'A' game easier. It displays odds and pot odds for your hands in real time, along with every players 'M' (size of stack in relation to the blinds and antes, so you can make the key decisions with more confidence.

It displays the number of 'outs' you have for your hand as well as your position. Now, these are things you could work out/see for yourself but the advantage of using Tournament Indicator is it's doing the work for you and allowing you to see stats and information at a glance, which is key if you're multi-tabling games.

Tournament Indicator Screenshots

As per Holdem Manager and Poker Office, you can also choose to display statistics about your opponent in real time, such as VP$IP and PFR. Additionally, TI will tell you how long it's been since an opponent won a hand, giving you the potential to take advantage of their likely frustration. Remember, most of your opponents (especially recreational players) won't be running software like this, meaning you have an automatic advantage over them. Tournament Indicator gives YOU the edge at the table.

In summary, a really useful tool for any serious STT/MTT player. Download a free trial of Tournament Indicator today and see your ROI rocket!

Tournament Indicator price

Price: 79 Euros

Free trial? Yes there is a fully functioning trial of Tournament Indicator that's good for seven days.

Tournament Indicator supported poker rooms

Pretty much any site you can think of is supported by TI including Party Poker, PokerStars, Everest, PKR, Bodog/Bovada, Microgaming Network, Ongame network, iPoker network, Boss Media network, Merge network, Entraction network, Everleaf network and the Cake network.

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