Sit n Go Wiz (SNG Wiz) online poker software review


Why you need SNG Wiz

Sit N Go Wiz (SNG Wiz) is the definitive tool for online sit n go poker players who want to master their game. It focuses on improving your poker strategy in the late/end stages of the SNG tournament, which is where the vital decisions will be made, making the difference between cashing or not. At this stage of the sit n go game, stealing the blinds/antes becomes vital and a good push/fold knowledge means you won't get blinded out.

SNG Wiz gives you a simple but effective software solution to enable you to learn what correct shove/fold strategy is in a sit n go. This is done through reviewing your SNG game hand histories and also via the sit n go quiz which helps solidify your end game knowledge.

SNG Wiz is used by nearly all online poker coaches as a learning tool to demonstrate where hands should be shoved and where they should be folded. It is of extra importance if you are a turbo SNG player as the late stage of the sit n go comes around much more quickly.

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Put simply, Sit N Go Wiz will help you make more money, by teaching you and improving your shove/fold endgame strategy. Doing so will mean you can crush the sit n gos at their most vital point (the bubble).

It's said that 65% of the money in SNG profits is made at the bubble. The majority of your opponents will not know how to play profitable poker at this stage. This fact, along with the knowledge that SNG Wiz will give you, will mean you can exploit their weaknesses and start cashing in and winning far more SNGs. The SNG WIz software is vital if you're a turbo sit n go player, due the blinds increasing more quickly and the bubble happening sooner.

The key benefits of SNG Wiz are -

1) Learn to get an almost perfect knowledge of when to push and when to call

2) Learn which poker hand ranges to do that with

3) Learn the big difference between going all in with marginal hand and calling with marginal hands

4) Master the sit n go bubble!

5) Learn how to exploit the SNG bubble - take advantage of the times when you have a huge chiplead over multiple short-stacked opponents on the bubble

6) Learn how to adapt to diffeerent opponents and stack sizes

7) Learn when it's profitable to fold AK on the bubble!

8) Learn when it's profitable to go all-in with 72o on the bubble!

9) Further your SNG learning with the use of the quiz mode

10) Review all your sit n go games to see where your leaks are

SNG Wiz cost

Cost: $99, which will pay for itself many times over.

Free trial? Yes, there is a 30 day free trial which is fully functioning.


Download your free trial of SNG Wiz now