Software for online poker players

With so many people playing online poker, it's vital to get whatever edge you can over your opponents. Luckily there is some fantastic poker software on the market which can help you get ahead in your game.

Things have come a long way from the early days of poker software. Nowadays there is a real wealth of very sophisticaed applications on the market to help you improve your game and of course your chances of success against your opponents. If you're not taking advantage of these tools then you're putting yourself at risk.

Some poker software is completely free (for example Universal Replayer) and some are paid. Think of buying poker software as an investment rather than a cost - used properly, a good poker analytics application can easily pay for itself in no time at all.

I also recommend checking out this site, they have all the best poker software downloads and reviews so you can get a good idea of what's on the market.

Maybe you struggle with the mathematics of poker, for example working out how many 'outs' you have or pot odds - there are plenty of learning tools available such as Ace Poker Drills which will ensure you have this nailed down extremely quickly. Or if you're after something a little more indepth you can check out the immensely powerful Holdem Manager which allows to analyse pretty much every aspect of your game (and that of your opponents!)

PokerEverything has reviewed some of the best poker software for you to choose from, providing you tools to use during and between your poker sessions -

Ace Poker Drills review - designed for the new/developing poker player, or for those of us who find the maths of poker tricky, APD is a simple yet effective suite of software designed to make the learning easier. 

Ace Poker Drills review 

Holdem Manager review - one of the best things you can do to start crushing your game is buying HEM. Whether you're a micro or high stakes player, HEM takes all of your poker stats and data and presents it on screen whilst playing, or for between sessions analysing yours and your oppoonent's game.

Holdem Manager review

PokerOffice review - PokerOffice is the other leading poker analytics tool. Similar to Holdem Manager, it boasts a huge array of reports and filters, along with an excellent HUD (heads up display) for real time player info.

PokerOffice review

SNG Wiz review - SNG (Sit N Go) Wiz is the definitive software tool for the serious sit n go poker player. Use it to analyse and spot leaks in your push/fold (end) game. Vital if you play turbo SNGs.

SNG Wiz review


Tournament Indicator review - TI is designed for the serious tourney player. Providing live information on odds, pot odds and 'M' factor, this is recommended if you want to start dominating the MTTs.

Tournament Indicator review


Universal Replayer review - a vital (free!) tool for any serious online player, which takes your hand history files and converts them so you can 'replay' your poker games and analyse them.

Universal Replayer review