Review of Ace Poker Drills poker training software

Ace Poker Drills review

Ace Poker drills is a great piece of poker training software. It's designed for players fairly new to the game and micro/low stakes players.

It's actually a suite of three products - the Equity trainer, which is to help you understand equity and hand ranges, the Pre-flop trainer, which helps to hone your pre-flop SNG strategy, and the Poker odds and outs trainer.

They're all about helping you learn quickly and easily. Poker maths can be tricky to learn but what Ace Poker Drills does is gives you the information in bite size chunks and lets you learn using actual examples but in a simulated environment. In other words, you're actively learning (rather than just reading a book, for example), but you're not risking any actual money whilst doing so. It mainly uses 'flash card' style training so it's easy and user-friendly.

Ace Poker Drills was designed by a professional poker player so you can be assured that the learning and maths behind it is solid and can be trusted.

The software itself is well designed and is deliberately simple so you can get straight on with things and get learning. There is a free trial available too so you can have a play with it before deciding to buy.

Ace Poker Drills is well-priced for the beginner poker player or for those of us that don't find learning things like odds so easy. So, if you're wanting to improve your game and poker maths knowledge, give it a go, you won't be dissappointed.

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Ace Poker Drills price

Odds & Outs Calculator: Free
Pre-flop trainer: $19.99
Equity Calculator: $24.99
OR buy all three products for $39.99 which is an absolute steal.

Free trial? Yes, 24 hours

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