USA / American friendly online poker rooms

USA friendly poker sitesIf you're an online poker player from the States, you'll probably be aware that it can be tricky to find an online poker room that will accept your business. This year has been tough as we've seen the likes of the big players like PokerStars and FullTilt pull out of the American market.

The good news though is that things are improving for US friendly poker rooms for sure. Just recently we heard the great news that the Merge Network of poker sites was reopening it doors to American poker players. This is fantastic as it means more choice and of course busier poker rooms. What we're also finding is that the quality of players on the Merge Network has got much worse. Plenty of purely recreational players who are more after action than wanting to play well are flocking to the sites and basically chucking their money around - superb news for good poker players as there's plenty of money to be earned with minimal effort. And of course each of these recommended sites offer some ass-kicking USA poker bonuses which make them even more attractive.

Here at our aim is to be a one-stop resource for all things poker, and with USA poker it's no exception. So let's take a look at what choice their is for the USA poker player these days -

Black Chip Poker - Contemporary, modern and cool branding backed up with great customer service and a huge $1000 welcome bonus.

Black Chip Poker is USA friendly - read our reviewpn

True Poker - Great option for multi-tabling (20 at a time) and huge $1000 going right now for new players

True Poker is USA friendly - read our reviewTrue Poker is USA friendly

If you're an American online poker player it's worthwhile bookmarking this page - feel free to come back time and time again to take advantage of all these American poker bonuses. May luck be with you at the tables!