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Why play at Terminal Poker?

It's not very often I get genuinely excited about trying a new poker room out but I'll make an exception for Terminal - this is a very exciting new poker room that is going to be huge. Now, those of you that used to play on Full Tilt Poker have probably tried Rush Poker. And I think we'll all agree it was awesome - no waiting, no getting bored, just nice fast poker action, the way we like it.

Well, you're in for a treat here as Terminal Poker is offering pretty much the same thing. Terminal Poker is awesome - great design, no bullshit, just a good, fast poker client with the same 'pool' of poker players concept that FTP Rush Poker had. And there's a very nice €400 welcome bonus waiting for you.

Get your €400 welcome bonus at Terminal Poker now

Terminal Poker software

Terminal Poker has possibly my favourite poker software at the moment. Why? Because it's beautifully simple. Everything is concise and well designed, from the install page, to setting up an account, to playing. This makes is quick to get signed up and quick to play. As I mentioned above, the big draw here is the player-pool concept that is the same as Rush was. In case you're not familiar with that concept, what happens is if you fold, you don't stay on that table (and therefore have to wait that hand out). You and other players are sent to another table where the next hand is dealt. You can fold in advance (rather than waiting for your turn of the action), which will instantly take you to another table. And so on. All the online players are put in a 'pool' so the action is continuous. This means more hands per hour, no waiting for action, no waiting for other players to take their turn.

The Terminal Poker software is so simple a child could use it. All the 'buttons' and sliders are nice and big so it's nearly impossible to make a mistake like putting out the wrong bet size.

You know what else is awesome about Terminal Poker? You can play on your mobile/IPhone/Android etc. That's a great thing for us poker addicts! I'm hooked on this site already and I guarantee you will be once you try it!

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Terminal Poker screenshots

Terminal Poker games

At the moment Terminal Poker offers cash games and freerolls. The cash games range from €0.02/€0.05 to €0.50/€1. And I have to say, the standard of play I've seen on Terminal Poker is awful. In the low/micro cash games players are almost giving their money away, calling down any connection etc. To try the site out I deposited 10 Euros and had doubled that in ten minutes. Terminal is a great site to be exploiting fish and building up a nice bankroll quickly.

Terminal Poker welcome bonus

As you'd expect, Terminal Poker want your business and they're happy to pay for it. What's up for grabs is a 200% first time deposit poker bonus matching up to €400 of what you deposit.

How do you earn the bonus? Well, you've got up to 90 days to clear the bonus and you do this by playing real money poker. Every time you earn 2500 points you earn €20 of the poker bonus. The genius is with this site, it's going to take you significantly less time to clear the bonus due to the lightning fast Terminal Poker pace. I strongly advise you to start playing now whilst there's so much dead money out there.


Get your €400 welcome bonus at Terminal Poker now


Terminal Poker traffic

Terminal Poker is a new poker room and so traffic is low. BUT this doesn't matter one jot. Why? Because of the fast, 'Rush Poker'-like format. There's easily enough poker players online at any one time which means there's a good enough pool for the low traffic not to matter. 
And I'm telling you now, once word is out about the format these guys offer, then this site is going to be hugely popular, make no mistake. 

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Terminal Poker factsheet

USA online poker players allowed? No

Network: Independent

Launched in: 2011

Deposit options: Moneybookers, paysafecard, Visa, Visa Debit, Mastercard, Bank Transfer, 

Minimum deposit: €10

Withdrawal options: Moneybookers, Bank Transfer

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