What are the best online poker rooms for sit n go (SNG) poker players? (AKA Stars V Titan)

One of my goals with PokerEverything.com is to take the hassle out of choosing the best poker room for you. There's a ton of poker sites out there all competing for your business. Whilst I don't think it's possible to say one poker room is 'best' for everyone, I think each clearly has its stronger areas.

So in this article I'm going to answer the question, which is the best poker room for sit n gos? SNGs are a great way to learn and develop your poker skills and knowledge. They're popular, fun and there's various different SNG formats available for you to play.

OK, so here are (in my opinion) the best two for SNG players

Titan PokerWINNER: Titan Poker

PokerStarsRUNNER UP: PokerStars

Both of these poker sites offer a great range of SNG formats, but also at a huge variety of stakes. They also both have great amounts of player traffic which means games are quicker to start up. Let's give you some more detail about the sit n gos offered by Stars and Titan -

Stakes (winner: Titan)

PokerStars - $1.50 to $5,000

Titan Poker - $0.11 to $5,200

When it comes to choice of SNG stakes, Titan wins. However this is mainly because of the extra scope given to ultra-micro stakes players. If you're someone who wants to learn poker or SNGs, Titan is a great place to do it as you can play for almost meaningless stakes whilst you're learning the game and becoming a more confident poker player. Both sites offer a good spread of low stakes SNGs meaning they are each good poker rooms to build a bankroll on.
For the higher stakes player (and probably poker professionals), you're also well supported with SNG buyins as high as $5,000.

Number of players (winner: Titan)

PokerStars - 2, 4, 6, 9, 10, 18, 27, 45, 90, 180

Titan Poker - 2, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 18, 20, 24, 30, 50, 100, 180

Both sites offer a good range of player numbers, whether you're wanting a Headsup SNG, or right through to the large 180-mans.

Formats (winner: PokerStars)

PokerStars - Steps, Knockout, Fifty-Fifty, Satellites, Regular, Shootout, Turbo, Hyper-Turbo

Titan Poker - Regular, Turbo, SuperTurbo, Satellites, Super Stack, Double Stack, Double Up

Both sites offer a superb range of SNG formats which will appeal to all players, whether you're a deep-stack player or turbo action-craving sit n go player.

Player traffic (winner: PokerStars)

In fairness, poker player traffic is awesome at both sites. But as you may well know already, PokerStars is THE most popular/busiest poker site in the world, so here wins hands down. That said, Titan traffic is fantastic too, particularly at the lower-medium stakes SNGs.

First time deposit poker bonus (winner: Titan)

In terms of the best poker bonus for SNG players, here Titan wins hands down. It currently offers a staggering 200% bonus up to $2000 for new poker players. Alternatively Stars offers a still decent 100% bonus up to $600.

Multi-tabling (winner: PokerStars)

Playing more than one SNG at once is a vital skill if you want to improve your hourly rate of profit. And it's especially important if you want to be a professional or semi-professional SNG grinder. Stars wins this category as you can play eight more tables at a time. But Titan's offering is not to be sniffed at, allowing 16 at once.

PokerStars: 24 tables at once

Titan Poker: 16 tables at once

Conclusion (winner: Titan)

In all honesty I enjoy playing SNGs on both PokerStars and Titan. That sounds a bit non-decisive I know but both poker rooms are world-class for sit n go poker players.. I rate Titan as the 'winner' though due to that awesome $2000 poker bonus which is market-leading right now. Why not try both sites and see which you prefer?

We've written full reviews on both sites - read our review of PokerStars or our review of Titan Poker. Or, if you've already made up your mind, play now on PokerStars or play now on Titan Poker.

Good luck at the tables!