What are the best poker rooms for player traffic? (What are the busiest poker rooms)

BusyThe trouble with us online poker players is we're an impatient bunch. We want to be able to fire up the PC/laptop, log in to our favourite poker site and play. Now dammit! No-one wants to be kept waiting long for a game to start, especially as more and more of us are playing more than one table at a time.

So in this part of our 'best poker room' series, we'll find out which poker rooms are the busiest. For all of the figures I'm quoting, these were found on the PokerScout website.

For simplicity I'll keep this as a 'top three' chart. So here's the PokerEverything top three best poker rooms for player traffic -

1) PokerStars - no surprises here. After Full Tilt went bye-bye PokerStars picked up a load more regular poker players and is by some margin the world's most popular poker room. This is backed up by great software, fantastic customer service and an excellent range of games. Read our review of PokerStars to find out more. At the time of writing this article (a Sunday afternoon), Stars had a whopping 134,000 players online. You'll never be kept waiting long for a game on this site and it's therefore fantastic for multitabling grinders.

2) PartyPoker - at one point in time Party held the 'world's most popular' tag. These days, since Full Tilt's demise, it's a very solid number two to Stars. It's a great choice for SNG players as it's easy to fill up a few tables and start playing. At the time of writing this article it had a very healthy 16,000 players online. Read our review of Party Poker to find out more about this excellent poker site.

3) The Ipoker Network - the Ipoker network comprises over 40 poker rooms, which 'pool' their player traffic to create busy poker rooms. As I'm writing this it has 11,900 players online. Of the rooms on this network we recommend Chili Poker, Mansion Poker, Paddy Power Poker. and Titan Poker. Be sure to check out our reviews of those sites and the fantastic first time deposit poker bonuses currently on offer.

Good luck at the tables!