What is the best poker room for... multitabling?

Multitabling pokerIn this part of our 'best poker room' series, we're going to answer the question "which is the best poker site for multitabling?". What we mean by multitabling is the ability to play more than one table of online poker at a time. This is vital for good poker players as more games = more profit = better hourly rate.

Whilst all online poker rooms support multitabling to some extent, not all do so equally. We've saved you the hassle of doing the research yourself and have brought together a list of the top ten sites, in terms of how many poker tables can be played at once. You can then choose to read our in-depth room review, or just visit the site and start playing right away. So, below is our top 10 poker rooms for multitabling -

Poker room No.of tables Read review Play now
Black Chip Poker Unlimited Black Chip Poker review Play now on Black Chip Poker
WSOP Poker Unlimited WSOP Poker review Play now on WSOP Poker
Carbon Poker Unlimited Carbon Poker review Play now on Carbon Poker
888 Poker Unlimited 888 Poker review Play now on 888 Poker
PokerStars 24 PokerStars review Play now on PokerStars
Sky Poker 24 Sky Poker review Play now on Sky Poker
Lock Poker 18 Lock Poker review Play now on Lock Poker
Mansion Poker 16 Mansion Poker review Play now on Mansion Poker

Things to bear in mind

Player traffic taken in isolation, you could look at the table above and figure that Black Chip is better than Stars for multitabling. Whilst this may be technically the case, you also need to take into account player traffic levels. In this regard PokerStars wins hands down. In other words, it would be much quicker to get 24 SNGs started at Stars than, say, WSOP Poker.

Also, the greater the number of tables you're playing, the greater the need for poker analytics software that has a 'Headsup Display' HUD), such as Holdem Manager or PokerOffice. These will do number crunching on your poker opponents in real time giving you information about their playing style. This in turn will mean you can make better quality decisions, faster. I would say a HUD is vital once you are playing more than four tables (and a very good idea for any serious online poker player).

Your self-management is also important when multi-tabling, you may find our articles on pre-game psychology and how to deal with tilt useful too.

Good luck at the tables!