The best micro stakes poker rooms

Most of the poker TV coverage we see is dedicated to high stakes poker where wealthy poker professionals battle it out for prizes that go into the millions. In reality many of us will be starting out poker careers with small deposits and at the very lowest stakes going. One of the most common questions that newcomers to online poker have is "which are the best poker rooms for micro stakes poker?"
In this article I'll be discussing the best options for  this kind of player. The good news these days is every poker site out there is competing for your business and they all have a first time poker deposit bonus which you can use to your advantage in building up your bankroll from your first time poker deposit.

Best poker sites for small deposits

Let's kick off now by giving you the top three online poker rooms for making a small deposit on. In other words, where are the sites you can make the smallest amount? Well, three poker rooms have a minimum deposit of just $5, check out our reviews -

1) 888 Poker review
2) WSOP Poker review
3) Everest Poker review

Whilst putting a really small deposit on to start is a great way of finding out what the site is like to play on, do remember that the more you deposit, the more you can make with those first time deposit poker bonuses.

Best poker rooms for micro-stakes cash games

If you're wanting to grind out a bankroll using the cash tables, you'll want to know which online poker rooms offer the lowest stakes. Below are three poker sites that have the lowest stakes cash games possible (which is $0.01/$0.02). Read our reviews of these poker rooms and start playing today -

1) PokerStars
2) Party Poker review
3) 888 Poker review 

Best poker sites for micro-stakes sit n gos (SNGs)

Sit n gos are a great way to grind up a bankroll. Many players have started their careers by crushing the micro/low stakes SNGs and gradually climbing up the stakes. You'll find on any site the standard of play is awful, so if you're able to play a good tight aggressive (TAG) then you can easily make a consistent profit. Below are our top three for playing the smallest stake SNGs. Be sure to read our poker room reviews, make your choice and then start grinding the sit n gos today -

1) 888 Poker review - 888 offers SNGs from $0.10
2) Titan Poker review - Titan Poker offers SNG s from $0.24
3) WSOP Poker review - WSOP offers SNGs from $0.60 as you can see there's some great poker rooms which let you play sit n gos at ridiculously low stakes. What you can do is use these ultra-low-stakes SNG games to practice on so you've got a solid understanding of how SNGs work. Then once you've comfortable with the format, start to move up to the 'proper' micro stakes (e.g. $1 or $2 games).

Best poker sites for micro-stakes multi table tournaments (MTTs)

An alternative to sit n gos are the multi0table tournaments. These can involve hundreds or thousands of players. If your bankroll is small, you'll want to find an online poker room which has low stakes games. The three sites below are ones we recommend for this purpose -

1) Titan Poker review - offers MTTs from $0.11
2) PokerStars review - offers MTTs from $0.33
3) WSOP Poker review - offers MTTs from $1.10 

As shown above, even if you have a small bankroll and can only play truly micro-stakes, there's still some fantastic online poker rooms for you to play on. You can deposit and take advantage of the many first time deposit poker bonuses available and do this again and again with different poker sites to grind up a bankroll.

Good luck at the tables.