What's the best site for fast poker? (For you action junkies out there)

Fast poker at Terminal PokerThis is another instalment in our 'best poker sites' series. Today we're going to be looking at the best poker room for those (many) of us who're impatient and want fast action-centred poker.

And the answer to this is really simple - Terminal Poker. Now, many of you might not have heard of these guys before because it's a new poker site, fresh to online poker. If you're someone who used to play Rush Poker on Full Tilt then you're going to be excited about what I've got to say, and if you didn't, you will be once I've explained what they're offering!

So, down to business then. Terminal Poker offer a unique product. This being the fastest cash poker games available. OK, so how does it work? Well, whereas with a regular cash table, where if you fold a hand you've then got to wait whilst the other players take their turn and the hand plays out, here you fold (and you can fold before it's your turn), and you're taken to another table where you're instantly dealt another hand. There's a 'pool' of players so whoever's folded in hands joins another table, with the players getting mixed up so you're constantly playing against different people in the pool every time you move tables.

Dealt junk again? No problem, just fold. And go straight to another table. Repeat until you get a hand you want to play. No waiting around, no impatience, just fast poker action.

Sound good? Well it gets better. The standard of play on this site is shockingly bad. It's a new site so isn't infested with 'regs'/grinders yet, just really really bad recreational players (OK, I'll say it - fish). For a decent player (which I assume you are :)) it's easy to play a solid TAG game and take their money.

Still sounds good? It gets better again. They've got a great first time deposit poker bonus - what's up for grabs is a 200% first time deposit poker bonus matching up to €400. You can use this in conjunction with the bad players, to build up a very nice bankroll.

As if all this wasn't good enough, the customer service is fantastic. They're (currently but not for long) a small poker room and they make a great effort to deal quickly and politely with queries from the customers. I've been really impressed with them so far.

Hopefully that's tempted you - you can either read our review of Terminal Poker to get some more detail, or, if you're ready, play on Terminal Poker today. Good luck at the tables!