Poker room / poker site reviews

Here at we specialise in providing you with high quality, professional reviews of the very best real money poker rooms online right now. With so much choice in today's poker market it's sometimes hard separating the good from the average.

So what we aim to do is help the decision-making for you by reviewing each site and reporting back on such factors as the welcome bonus, banking, what sort of games are on offer and so on.

We also take a good look at the software that each poker room offers to find out how usable it is and what options there are for customising it.

Right now the poker market is really competitive - thankfully there's some great sites around full of useful content to make the decision-making really easy for you so you can check out the top poker rooms. Be sure to check that site out as it's an invaluable resource.

Finally we take screenshots of the poker lobby and in-game play so you've got a good idea how the room looks before you play.

Below is a list of all of our poker room reviews. Find one you like the best then start playing and enjoying it today!

Factors we consider in our poker room reviews

Here are the things we take into account when reviewing a poker room/site -

1) Why play there? - Might sound obvious but it's helpful to have a concise couple of reasons why that site is great to play on. We also let you know straight off what the welcome bonus is. If you're ready to go you can just click through or you can choose to read more of the room review.

2) Software - having great quality poker software to play on makes or breaks what the experience you have of that poker site is. It needs to be simple to use and navigate, have options to customise it to your liking, and most of all be 'playable' which smooth graphics and good support for playing multiple tables. We make sure that any poker room we review is 'road tested' to ensure the poker software works pretty damn well so you can be assured you're in good hands. Frankly, if the software sucks, we don't feature it on this site.

3) Screenshots - This is an important part of the review because one thing everyone wants to know about before they join a site or click a banner is what the poker room and software actually look like in play, what the lobby is like, etc. We take screenshots of as many parts of the software (lobby, tables, customisation options, etc.) as possible so you can see quickly if it's likely to be something you find attractive. If it's not, you've saved yourself some time!

4) Games - OK we all know that pretty much any poker site is going to offer No Limit Hold'em and Omaha - but some players are looking for the more niche games such as Razz or Badugi. We list what each poker site is offering in this regard, and also what stakes are up for grabs

5) Welcome bonus - Now one thing we can all agree on as poker players is we love free money and we love to be paid for playing the game we love, right? Well any poker room on the market right now is falling over themselves trying to earn your loyal business. One of the key ways they do this is by providing a first time deposit or 'welcome' poker bonus which normally is a match of what you deposit, either by 100% or sometimes 200%. The largest poker bonuses we feature will net you up to a staggering $2000!

But as well as just telling you what they offer, we also let you know what you have to do to actually earn and get your hands on that bonus (if only it was as easy as just depositing!) So you know before you take the plunge what's up for grabs and how it all works. Simple!

6) Reward and loyalty schemes - Pretty much any poker room has some kind of loyalty scheme which are designed to try and keep your play at their site and to keep you as a 'loyal' customer. Normally what happens is you earn some kind of points each time you play real money poker at that site. Most sites have schemes whereby you have different 'statuses' you can obtain which mean better rewards. Then the idea is you can cash out your points either by buying bonuses, tournament entries, or in the case of some poker rooms, they often have 'player stores' where you can get your hands on all kinds of items including electronics, poker gear, clothes, holidays (or vacations for our American friends :)) or even cars, in exchange for your hard earned points.

7) Traffic - A good poker site is only going to be great if there's plenty of players on it. Without players the cash tables are like a ghosttown and you wait for ages for a SNG to fill up. We're completely honest about traffic - we do feature a couple of 'up and coming' poker rooms where the traffic isn't great - yet. But most of the sites we recommend are either the big standalone sites (like PokerStars or Party Poker) or part of bigger 'networks' of sites such as the iPoker or Merge networks.

8) Factsheet - Finally we leave you with a few salient points, for example when the poker room launched, how many tables you can play on it at once, what network it's on, and which deposit methods they support.

9) Poker news - Stay informed by following the news on sites like, click here for their latest poker news headlines. Keeping up to date wth the happenings in the poker world which mean you're kept informed about the latest going-ons around the online poker sites.


We hope you find our poker room reviews useful - we take our time writing them with the aim of delivering quality information to you as a fellow poker player. Good luck at the tables!