What are Sit N Gos (SNGs)?

A Sit N Go is a type of poker tournament. SNGs can have from between two and 180 players in them. The smaller ones will comprise just one poker table (called an STT - single table tournament). Usually you will find SNGs with 2, 6, 9, 18, 45, 90 and 180 players in them.

The basic idea is that each player 'buys in' to the game. The buy in is a mix of money which will go to the prize pool, and a tournament fee which gos to the poker room. For example, an $11 buyin would normally be made up of $10 to the prize pool and $1 to the poker room.

Once enough players have signed up, the sit n go starts. Each player gets the same amount of chips to start with (for example 1500). The game continues until one player (the winner) ends up with all the chips.

The prize pool is allocated to the winning players (for example in a 9 player SNG, normally the top three players get paid). The other players recieve nothing.

Sit n gos are a great way of learning poker as at any time you're only risking the amount you bought in for. Also, a decent strategy for them is relatively easy to learn and the vast majority of players you'll come up against are losing ones who can be exploited.

A great poker site for playing SNGs on is PokerStars, as there is a huge variety of games. Because they have a large amount of players on the site, the games fill up quickly so you won't have to wait long for the action to start.

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Have fun at the tables!

The SitNGo Wizard