Does size count? Big poker rooms or little poker rooms?

When you're deciding which poker room to choose there's plenty of factors in play. For example do you just choose the room with the best poker bonuses, or do you go for the most popular one?

Well in terms of what's best size-wise, the answer is 'it depends'. Now I know that doesn't help you so let me explain. In my experience, broadly speaking, the smaller poker rooms have a greater proportion of bad players. Why? Simply because the full and part time poker professionals will gravitate to the busiest rooms as they need to get through a lot of volume each month to earn their money. 

When a big poker room is best

If you're a 'grinder' who wants to put in a solid amount of games by playing several at once, you will be best off at the busiest poker sites which are Poker Stars, Titan Poker and Party Poker. These are the three busiest poker sites on the net and you can be assured of games that are quick to fill at nearly all times of the day. They're also good because when you're playing a lot of poker, you'll want a reward scheme that's worth it. All three offer great schemes, the best being Poker Stars which is well known for it.
The other reason you may be better off with a large poker site is if you want to play at higher stakes. As there are more poker professionals on these sites, you can be sure to get a game at any limit. These sites also offer larger 'guaranteed' tournaments for some big action, such as Poker Star's world famous 'Sunday Million' tournament. Smaller poker rooms do offer guaranteed tournaments but at significantly less amounts of money. 

When a small poker room is best

If you're someone who is a recreational player or doesn't need to put in large volume of play, then you may well be best off using a poker room. The reason being it, where professionals and grinders will use the larger poker rooms, this means less good players on the smaller rooms. That means more 'dead money' out there for the taking. Poker rooms such as Carbon Poker or Black Chip Poker are ideal. They're not so quiet you won't get a game but they're not 'reg heavy' so if you're a decent player you can really coin it here. You can use small poker rooms, along with the first time poker deposit promotions they offer, to build up a great poker bankroll. Once you're a consistently profiting poker player who can multi-table, you can then take this bankroll to one of the busier sites and continue your poker career there.

Have fun at the tables!