Using SNG Wiz to review sessions

SNG WizIf you’re playing in sit and go tournaments online one of the most important tools to use is SNG Wizard. In this guide we’re going to take a look at exactly what SNG Wizard does as wellas how you can use this poker tool to review your SNG sessions. SNG Wizard is ideal for players that play single table tournaments including the popular double or nothing (DoN) tournaments. Single table tournaments can be broken down into two phases including the early phase and late phase of the tournament.
In the early stage of a single table tournament the blinds are smallcompared to the stack sizes, but once you get to the late stages of single table tournaments the blinds become much bigger compared to the stack sizes. If you’ve been playing sit and go tournaments you should know that the best players will play tight during the early phase of the tournament and looser in the late phase of the tournament. The reason you need to play more aggressively in the late stage of the tournament is because the blinds are big compared to stack sizes on the table and you need to steal blinds as much as possible in order to survive.

Perfect your late game strategy

The SNG Wizard poker tool is designed to teach players how to play perfectly in the late phase of a single table tournament. The tool will look at your tournament hand histories to determine where you’re making mistakes while playing SNG’s. Once you upload your hand histories into the tool, SNG Wizard will compare the equity you have in the tournament if you fold preflop or push all-in preflop. This analysis will determine if you should fold preflop or push preflop.
In the late phase of a single table tournament you only have two options, which are to push or fold preflop. The reason you can only push or fold in the late phase of a single table tournament is because the stacks sizes are small compared to the blinds. Every player on the table might only have 10 – 15 big blinds in the late phase of a SNG tournament, which is why you need to decide preflop whether or not you should push or fold. Trying to calculate whether you should push or fold preflop using the ICM would take way to long, but the SNG Wizard tool performs the calculations instantly.

In single table tournaments the 1st place prize might only be 50% of the prize pool, but in order to win you need 100% of the chips. This means that each chip on the table is worth half the value of what it should be. In order to determine optimal playing strategy you need to determine the dollar value of each chip on the table. When you play single table tournaments the chips you win are worth less than the chips you lose and that’s why it’s important to use ICM. The ICM converts chip equity into actual dollar equity, which is exactly what you need to know in order to make sure you’re playing optimally in the late phase of a single table tournament.

Use it to review your games

Using the SNG Wizard tool to review your poker sessions is extremely simple and you have several options. Right now the SitnGo Wizard tool is compatible with PokerStars, Party Poker, Titan Poker, PKR Poker and several other poker rooms. You can upload your hand histories from single table tournaments directly into the tool and it will analyze your session instantly. You can quickly view whether or not you made the correct decision in every hand that was dealt during the tournament.
If you want to take a closer look at your session you need to use the Game View on the SNG Wizard tool. The game view will give you a lot more details about each hand you played including the exact equity you have in the hand, the edge you have in the hand and what play you should make in the hand. On the game view screen you can also adjust several different parameters and the calculations will be redone using the new parameters that you’ve set. The parameters that you can change while reviewing your sessions using SNG Wizard include the position, stack sizes, blind sizes, number of players in the hand, prize structure and the opening/closing ranges of your opponent.

The importance of setting ranges

You may find that the range set by SNG Wizard in some hands is off from what you’ve noticed based on your opponent’s play. It’s important that you set reasonable ranges on your opponents based on what you’ve experienced while playing against them. The calculations will be a lot more accurate and you’ll learn a lot mo
re about whether you should be pushing or folding against each opponent. Once you’re done reviewing your sessions using the game view or charts you can also use the quiz mode built into SNG Wizard to test your new found knowledge.
During the quiz mode you’ll be presented with unique situations and you need to determine whether you should push or fold. The tool will output your hole cards, stack sizes, previous action, blinds and the opening/closing range of your opponents. Typically during the quiz mode you only need to push or fold, but in some unique situations you’ll be able to check/call although it may not be the right decision. Learning how to perfect your late phase single table tournament game will instantly improve your win rate in online poker. SNG Wizard is so confident that they’re offering a 90-day money back guarantee on their tool because they’re sure that you’ll make more than the price of the tool well before the 90-day guarantee expires.

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