What is meant by VP$IP in online poker?

If you're new to poker you'll find there's a whole load of jargon, abbreviations and phrases to learn. One that you'll see time and time again in online poker is 'VP$IP'. So what is it and why is your VP$IP so important?

What is VP$IP?

Well firstly, VP$IP stands for Voluntarily Put $ Into Pot. It's way of mathematically describing how 'loose' a player you are, i.e. how many pots you get involved with. VP$IP is a way of measuring how often you put money into a pot out of choice (rather than being in the big blind, for example). The higher someone's VP$IP, the looser player they are, and conversely the lower it is, the tighter they are. So at the extreme, if I played every single hand and never folded preflop I would have a VP$IP of 100 (I'd also be a complete idiot).

How do I know what someone's VP$IP is?

For any online poker player that's at all serious about developing their game and being profitable in the long-term, you're going to need poker analytics software such as Holdem Manager or PokerOffice. Both of these applications include what's called a 'Heads Up Display' (or HUD - another abbreviation for you), which does all the number crunching in real time whilst you're playing, and will overlay statistics about your opponent including their VP$IP.

Why do I care what someone's VP$IP is?

Being able to see a poker player's VP$IP at a glance enables you to adapt your play against them accordingly, giving you more chance to win money from them. For example, if their VP$IP is really low (say, 10-15), then you can be confident of having a much higher chance of them folding their blinds to your raise versus a player with a VP$IP of 50. Remember that the higher their VP$IP, the more hands they're playing so you can get a good idea of their range. This also means that when they raise, you can give/not give them credit for a good hand.

Know your stats, know your opponent

This is one of the reasons that Holdem Manager and PokerOffice help to give you an edge over your opponent. It makes life a whole lot easier for you being able to see instantly what their VP$IP is. We recommend you trialling both products to see which one is your favourite.

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