Poker psychology articles

A huge part of poker is understanding the psychology of it, both in terms of your opponent and yourself. The below poker psychology articles were all written by poker players for poker players. Enjoy!

Five ways to deal with tilt in poker - the traps to fall into and how to deal with them

'The Mental Game' #1 - bankroll management in online poker - superb article about self-management. A must-read for all serious poker players

'The Mental Game' #2 - pre game strategy - how to prepare yourself for playing poker effectively.

'The Mental Game' #3 - in-game strategy - once you're playing, how to handle yourself and ensure you crush the game

'The Mental Game' #4 - goals - excellent article on goal setting in poker - how to set quality, achievable goals and hit them

When to stop playing poker - not easy but sometimes it's best to walk away when things go bad

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